I'd like to thank and list all the people who have donated to the Kickstarter campaign to enable the production of this piece. Thank you all for your help and support! 

There is also a section dedicated to "Reckon" under Works, with image pics, installation photos and site events.

... Erik van Haaren, Thomas Raines, Martine Marie Chaisson, Jim Niven, Asaka Kusama Riser, Dona Orozova, Brian St. Cyr, Staple Goods Collective, Tracy Nelson Wescott, Linda Bailey Mayer, William DePauw, Richard Mongiat, Brian Meehan, Jack Niven Sr., Jud Niven, Beth Shippert-Myers, Sarah MacLachlan, Carol Swedlow, Valerie MacEwan, Sally Heller, Ed McIlroy, Mark, George & Donna Gerhold, David & Dawn Merritt, Staci Spanos, Jack Davis, Addie K. & Jeremy Martin, Ruth Owens, Victoria Rogers, Meghan Ryan, Laura Millard, Christopher Chambers, Daniel Lizio-Katzen, Brooke Knuckles Gentekos, Liz Pogue, Craig Damrauer, Dave Sylvestre, Libra Lagrone, John, AnnieLaurie Erickson, Jillian Gibson, Marianne Desmarais, Judie Carson, Jill Stoll, Tiffany Lin, Andrew Laurenson, David Janzen, Margo Grace, Jennifer Shaw, Emily Wilkerson, Karen Louise Crain, Wes Niven, Gin Taylor ...

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