Reckon is a street mural created for P.3+, a local satellite program of Prospect.3, an international art biennial held in New Orleans from October 25, 2014 to January 25, 2015. The mural will be produced in digital format. Individual components, from 1 ft. to 10 ft. in diameter, will be printed on vinyl and adhered to machined, aluminum-composite sign board. These pieces will be fastened to a 52 ft. long wall at varying heights, depths and overlaps in order to create a field of motion.

Reckon began with pondering water born procreation, singing tree frogs, amphibian spawn, eggs  > notions of fish eyes, bird eyes, glass marbles > hence outer rings, sunspots and reflection points > this progressed towards radiant layered rings, tree rings, planetary halos > these in turn became all about flatness vs. depth of field > concentric spaces represented by the weight of particular densities of color or the finely grained veil of a gradient field.  In short, I became fascinated with the motion and depth inherent in these radiant orbs that I call "Panoptic Vortices". I want them to spin and roll across the wall - providing viewers with an opportunity for up close cogitation or the simple double-take-ponder experienced by driving past. 

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