The works in this series present a skewed travelogue of sorts - they are an assimilation of events and occurrences from the geography I currently negotiate. The title refers to my own residential chronology - the effects and ruminations produced by shifting one’s life southward several years ago. The flora and fauna of semi fictional narratives have generally constituted the platform for the images I select and these newly indigenous anecdotes are suffused with a mixture of history and fantasy. The experience of moving to New Orleans just prior to such catastrophic change and now living not only next to the Mississippi River but also in this region comprised of such a rich cultural fabric seems to permeate a sensibility in these works.

The large canvases are intended to have the physical presence of banners. Lightly worked theatrical, latex surfaces contrasted with highly finished, glazed oil vignettes. The backgrounds - formal riffs on 19th century scenic, theatrical and decorative painting - become backdrops for observations on basic humanity and nationality underpinned by tones of whimsy and ennui.

The canvas works are on a lightweight material with sewn edges. The bottom edge has a pocket sewn into it through which slides a full length of 1” aluminum batten. The canvases hang, suspended from grommets through the top edge, about 3 ½ inches off the wall surface.

The small works illustrated here are sketches and studies some of which were intended to become larger pieces.

Shift Installation:

This first installation of four Shift paintings was done in November 2007 on Baronne Street at the offices of Future Proof New Orleans, an architectural and design consultation firm specializing in green building technologies. These snapshots show the business exterior with street window installation and several views of the office interior installations.

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